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Country Music Essay -- Entertainment

The discussion whether corporate greed has stripped blue grass music of its realness is one that requires further assessment into who eventually holds the force. The occasionally radical changes made in music leaves individuals scrutinizing the flavors of buyers when in certainty they are the observers of an overwhelming industry. Fans are individuals who purchase the collections, go to shows, and solicitation tunes on the radio, not the executives that showcase the music, but their assessments/tastes aren’t contemplated. Fans convey a ton of clout with respect to what they characterize as corporate greed turned out badly and adequate down home music. In spite of what may appear to be reasonable, the individuals who are monetarily put resources into its prosperity drive the commercialization of music. As indicated by The Nashville Sound, markers that incorporate â€Å"rural inceptions, adapted sets, apparently unconstrained execution, open entertainers, and genuine tunes can portray nation music’s authenticity† (13). The establishments of what blue grass music has started from are consolidated inside these markers and are utilized to isolate the genuine from the phony. Early blue grass music was a methods for adapting to an existence of work and stresses; it likewise brought networks of the ruined together in cooperation. The foundation of these markers looks into the way of life and real factors of numerous blue grass music specialists before their popularity. Take for example a family sitting clustered together on a yard on a cool summer evening tuning in to a relative play the banjo while another chimes in. Everybody is getting a charge out of and living at that time and all concerns are a long way from mind. Blue grass music caused individuals to feel calm and ag reeable, it took individuals back to their recollections of past times worth remembering. This is the way down home music sh... ...ue. Buyers shouldn’t need to settle with music rather they ought to appreciate it. So as to get the genuineness back inside popularized music it will possibly occur if individuals start to understand the force that they hold. When individuals begin to understand that then the music that is delivered, and sung will have a progressively huge effect on its audience members; music at that point can keep on being motivating. Quality music is and will consistently be loved more than mass-created popularized dissonance. Works Cited Jensen, Joli. The Nashville Sound: Authenticity, Commercialization, and Country Music. Tennessee: Vanderbilt University Press/Country Music Foundation Press, 1998. Print Malone, Bill C. Down home Music, U.S.A. Texas: University of Texas Press, 1985. Print Marcus, Greil. Puzzle Train: Images of America in Rock 'n' Roll. New York: Penguin Gathering, 1985. Print

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Best Jet airline Financials Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Best Jet carrier Financials - Essay Example The tempting bundles will give the understudy delegates inspiration to guarantee that the smaller than usual occasions on are ends of the week to guarantee high income assortment. It’s accepted that the expense of the flights won't prevent the understudies from utilizing the aircraft. It’s expected that the relationship with British aviation routes will rebrand the aircraft and pull in a greater amount of the understudies who are utilized to the British Airways. The administrations offered will be sufficient to continue a flood of understudies and that the studenst will make a trip on reliable footing to guarantee exceptional yields. The arrangements all over Europe will bait the understudies to guarantee that they can make a trip to territories they have not voyage expanding the quantity of voyaging people and higher income. The proposal of the carrier to give understudies employments will build the business volume since the understudies will sell the items among themselves. These motivating forces will draw in more understudies to come and utilize the aircraft consequently higher

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The Blockbuster Costs of Real Star Wars Spaceships and More!

The Blockbuster Costs of Real Star Wars Spaceships and More! The Blockbuster Costs of Real Star Wars Death Stars, Spaceships and More! The Blockbuster Costs of Real Star Wars Death Stars, Spaceships and More!We all know Star Wars earns at the box office, but what would some of those epic space toys cost in real life? OppLoans has scoured the galaxy for the bottom line on all your favorite Star Wars set pieces.As we eagerly await this week’s release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we’ve been thinking about how the way you watch a movieâ€"or entire movie franchiseâ€"can drastically change as you get older.As a kid, watching Star Wars was all about spaceships, grand adventures and using laser swords to battle an evil, asthmatic cyborg. But as an adult, you start noticing things in the films that may have breezed right past you before.No wonder Han Solo took the reward money at the end of A New Hope.For instance, you might wonder how anyone in these movies is able to afford the spaceships they’re constantly jetting around in. They make a lot of jokes about the Millennium Falcon being a piece of junk, which probab ly means that it costs a small fortune to maintain. No wonder Han Solo took the reward money at the end of A New Hope. That man’s got bills!And what about the Death Star, hmm? A space station that’s the size of a freaking moon? Emperor Palpatine had to become a shadowy dictator, because there is no way that project was making it through a Galactic Senate Budget Committee. So we wondered, if we were to try and build the Death Star today, how much would it actually cost?Lucky for us, we have this little thing called “the internet,” where no question is too weird to go unanswered. We did some snooping and found estimated costs for The Death Star, a Star Destroyer, an AT-AT, and even, yes, The Millennium Falcon. Enjoy!Death Star $852,000,000,000,000,000(via Centives)Yup. That’s right. 15 zeroes. It might come as a surprise, but building a space station the size of a moon plus a giant laser capable of blowing up a planet is an expensive endeavor. So expensive, in fact, that it would cost 852 quadrillion dollars, or over 7,000 times the yearly Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the entire world!These calculations were made by the good folks at Centives, an economics blog started by students at Lehigh University, and their original post has some really fantastic insights. For instance, they calculate that the amount of iron found in the earth’s molten core would be enough to build 2 million Death Stars.However, the post also points out the fact that, based on the current rate of worldwide steel production, building a single Death Star would take over 800 thousand years. So if you’re planning on building one, pack some snacks. It’s going to be a long wait.Read the original post here.Star Destroyer â€" $636,000,000,000(via Quora)Aircraft carriers provide a really handy reference point when calculating the cost of a giant spaceship and/or Death Star. After all, aircraft carriers are already massive floating fortresses, so the basic amount of materials use d to build one can be easily scaled up to match the size of a much larger vessel.And wow is the Start Destroyer a much, much larger vessel. According to Quora contributor Kynan Eng (@kynan_eng), it would be approximately 44.4 the times of a Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier. Since those aircraft carriers cost around 10.44 billion each, a Star Destroyer would cost an estimated $464 billion.[1]And that’s the cost for Star Destroyers that can’t really do anything: no turbolasers, no engines, not even any electricity. It’s those extra costs that bump the total cost up to $636 billion.One thing those estimate don’t account for is the cost of actually getting the Star Destroyer into space. Warning: It ain’t cheap. Eng estimates that, using current technology for space travel, moving the Star Destroyer parts off-world would cost about 44.4 trillion. So yeah, start saving those pennies.Read the original post here.Millennium Falcon â€" $2,662,896,238This estimate comes courtesy of a spectacular infographic from Twizzle.And that’s all we’re going to say. Because we think you should check out the full infographic. Trust us. You’ll be happy you did.To see the infographic, click here.AT-AT â€" $196,000,000(via Quora)This estimate comes to us again from Kynan Eng. And while the price tag is still pretty astronomical, Eng also starts his post with some good news:“…the AT-AT is one of the few Star Wars vehicles that can be built using today’s technologies, creating jobs for working families today. It would also be completely useless from a military viewpoint, but that doesn’t matter because it is way cool and impressive.”We couldn’t agree more. Using AT-AT dimensions from Wookieepedia  (if you’re not familiar with that site, it’s exactly what you think it is) and comparing them to the cost of various heavy-duty vehicles, Eng estimates a total cost of $196 million for the AT-AT.This is actually achievable, people. Someone start a GoFundMe!R ead the original post here.So, there you have it, running a Galactic dictatorshipâ€"or rebelling against oneâ€"isn’t cheap. When you’re in the theater this weekend checking out the latest addition to the Star Wars saga, maybe you’ll have a new appreciation for the Empire. Sure, they’re undeniably the worst, but somewhere deep in their ranks  they’ve got an amazing finance department. Give those goons a raise!References:“List of Countries by Projected GDP.” Statistics Times. Retrieved December 14, 2016 from

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Personal Development Plan Final Reflection Essay

Personal Development Plan Final Reflection Essay In my previous personal development plan, I had made several initiatives through which I hoped to achieve certain goals both in academics and in social life. In the previous personal development plan, I had embarked more on the process that I believe would help me to think about my own learning, performance and achievements as well as to plan my personal, educational, social and career development. Since I made the plan within the PDP, there are certain changes that I have witnessed happening in my career, social and learning areas. For example, I have noted that for the last one semester, I have improved in a number of areas that I had pointed in my last PDP. In academics, I have achieved a lot, as my average grades have improved from the previous B+ to an A. This is primarily because I was able to develop clear SWOT analysis, in which I recognized my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats not only in academics, but also in my social life, extra-curricular activities and any other activity I took. With this plan, I worked hard to perfect my strengths, correct the weaknesses and make them my strong points, utilize the opportunities placed within my abilities and finally recognize and avoid any negative effect that was posed by the threats in the SWOT analysis (Bolton 2010). From these considerations, I recognized that some of my strengths were the ability to work under strict deadlines, carry out extensive research, attend classes, and do personal studies and to submit all the papers and assignments at the right time. However, I also recognized that I actually had some weaknesses that caused my performance to dwindle in certain areas. For example, I realized that I had a problem relating with other students, tutors and friends. I did not attend discussion and group work, and seemed to ignore the strength of teamwork. I realized that I did not consult my tutors in academics; rather I attempted to do my own research. In co-curricular activities, I realized that I had done little in games and clubs within the university, despite having a number of athletic teams, training personnel as well as other facilities. I was not able to attend any of the activities before I made the last PDP, and even spent much time playing games on my personal computer rather tha n being involved in real athletics. In this plan, I set strict schedules to allow me attend my favorite games soccer and American football. Within this reflection, I had also recognized a number of opportunities that I should have utilized to perfect my skills in education and social life. For example, the university has a number of games, societies and clubs, all of which are equipped and staffed to help the students achieve their goals in academics and other activities important in social and personal life. In addition, the university encourages teamwork, from which students realize their weaknesses and strengths, and work to perfect their strengths and to improve their weak areas. These were opportunities that I ought to have utilized before, but which had been the priority in the previous personal reflection plan. I further realized that there were certain threats that challenged my performance. For example, I was running a risk of being lonely due to my weak approach to teamwo rk. In addition, it was possible that I would face academic failures in future because I was becoming possessed with video and computer games rather than being involved in real physical exercises. Several significant changes have resulted from the previous personal reflection plan. For example, apart from the increase in the academic grades, I have developed a good habit of relating with others in the university, and especially in my department. In addition, I have been involved in a number of discussion groups and even contributed to the development of general classroom discussion groups, in which students present their findings to the class during discussion time, while others try as much as possible to challenge the presenter. This has increased my confidence in academics, and I am more able to express myself than I would have done some few months ago before I embarked on self-reflection plan. Moreover, I am perfect in both soccer and football because I have dedicated enough time for these activities, and in fact, I have joined the university teams in both of these games. Moreover, I have joined the rangers association, a university society that is involved in environmental issues. I have realized that I am good in keeping and maintaining a good environment within our localities. During the last semester, we have taken part in national environmental programs, workshops and seminars, in which we have been taught the importance of maintaining good environment. In addition, we have organized a number of workshops for the community, where we teach elementary and high school students about the benefits of a good environment. In this way, I have realized that I have perfected my teaching, social and organizational management skills. From the personal development plan I created last semester, I have pointed out three main key learning areas that need much attention, and which have been very pivotal as far as the incline in my grades is concerned. First, I have realized that education is not all about understanding of what has been taught in class, and thereafter reproducing it in the examinations. It is a fact that education is not all about passing exams, rather it is a matter of understanding the courses, and how the classroom gained knowledge can be applied in the real life (Bolton 2010). Therefore, I have learned that one needs to do a lot of research and experiments to practice the classroom gained knowledge in the related fields, and to imply the information gained in books to the actual world. Secondly, I have learned that time management is the most critical tool towards achieving personal goals not only in education, but also in the other aspects of life. From the reflection, I have realized that the inc rease in my overall academic grades, as well as in extracurricular activities, is a result of proper time management, and the ability to work with strict time schedules. Lastly, I have learned that education required coordination of activities between personal efforts and the teamwork. I have observed that students perform better when they participate in class activities, work in groups and challenge each other (Jasper 2007). Moreover, it makes one obtain courage to conduct a research on vital topics, and have the pride to present it in front of the others. This is important for future researchers and scholars like me because at least, I am able to express ideas and ideologies to a number of people, and to meet the challenges they pose (Jasper 2007). Analysis of the Current Situation Currently, there is a number of issues that have to bbe improved as far as academics and other activities are concerned. I have achieved a lot in education, sports and social activities in general. Moreover, I have improved my communicative skills. However, I still have to target my main goal, which is to obtain straight A’s in all the courses I take each semester, and at the same time, achieve other goals in other activities apart from education. Currently, there are certain internal factors that are affecting me in a number of ways, both positively and negatively. For example, when I develop a personal SWOT analysis, I realize that I have internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to my education as well as other activities. Currently, my strengths in education are defined by my abilities to correct my past mistakes and improve weaknesses. I never ignore my weak points, though it is very common for a number of students in my faculty. In addition, I am able to learn from daily life experiences, especially from other people’s mistakes. Apart from these strengths, I have also realized that I am able to identify opportunities within my learning environment, and utilize them to increase my knowledge and skills in education and career. However, I have some weak points, which are currently affecting my performance. For instance, I do not possess even basic skills to lead other people in the class, groups and t he teams, which means that I may not become a good organizational leader unless I perfect my leading skills. I also do not have the courage to communicate with my tutors more. I have one more weak point I tend to believe that I can perfect my skills either on my own, or with the help of small groups of students. This is not quite good for my educational development, as I require help from my tutors in order to achieve best results. The main reason of my weak points is that I started using personal development and reflection plans only two semesters ago. Earlier, I did not consider such plans to be of great importance. But now, as I see a great progress in my personal development, and taking into account that the university provides a lot of resources for each student to master all the necessary skills, I will continue planning my self development. There are also some external factors that affect me in one way or the other, and which can be regarded as threats and opportunities. For instance, a number of opportunities are evident in my current situation. Other students in my class and the faculty have intensified their need to have personal reflection programs, and are in fact comparing their performances with the others in the class. This implies that we, as a class, have a chance to develop our skills together, as we have common goals in learning (Jasper 2007). Earlier, the students were allowed to participate only in 2 of the university clubs at once. Now we have the ability to participate in four of them, which will help me to gain much more experience. I will need to manage all my plans wisely, as apart from the extra-curricular activities, I need to perform well in the classroom too. Personal development plan I hope to come up with new ideas for my personal development, which will ensure success in both academic and social life. In regards of education, I want to try to approach my tutors for help in difficult situations, and to acquire skills needed for my future job. In addition, I must embark on increasing my grades from B+ to an A. Another desired outcome is to be a full time member of at least three clubs or societies, and to participate in all the events planned by these groups. I hope to achieve these goals within the next four months, which is till the end of this semester. References Bolton, G, 2010, â€Å"Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development†, SAGE Publications Ltd, Hoboken, NY. Jasper, M, 2007, â€Å"Professional development, reflection and decision-making†, Wiley-Blackwell, New York.

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Preventing Sleep Impaired Mental Function - 1817 Words

Everyone has done it before: putting off studying for that exam until the last minute, then pulling out the caffeine for an all-nighter to cram as much information into their heads as they can. Cramming is the act of taking in massive amount of information in a short period of time just before an examination.When we cram for exams, the causes are usually because we lose interest in studying, have another large pile of work to worry about, or plainly play around too much – not being serious. However, there are consequences for cramming late at night. Harvard Medical School associate professor Seung-Schik Yoo’s research suggests that â€Å"lack of sleep impairs mental function [and] leaves students vulnerable to long-term permanent damage†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦show more content†¦This happens because students are not realizing the importance of review, thereby succumbing to cramming and studying a lot longer than needed. The best way to not forget our facts is to keep the mem ory fresh regularly. We do so by implementing study habits and incorporating different techniques in order to retain learned material. One way to accomplish this is to know when the next exam is, and from there we spread out how much time we will commit to study leading up to the exam. Nate Kornell, an associate professor of cognitive psychology, stated that â€Å"learners would profit from taking advantage of the spacing effect, both in classrooms and during unsupervised learning†¦ because spacing does not take more time than massing, it simply involves a different distribution of time† (Kornell). Spacing involves wisely planning out our time earlier before the day of the exam. An example includes the strategy of looking over notes after class and studying for half an hour each day, which is better than having to actually start studying the day before the exam for hours. Distributing time to study is key, because we avoid the problem of overworking and agitating ourselv es by studying all of the information. In addition, we allow the information to be stored long-term, which is advantageous for retrieving information when we need it. Most of all, testing ourselves regularly is another crucial practice that can reduce cramming. Scientist Sean Kang’s

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Detecting Plagiarism Free Essays

The results of the paper, Lab Courses Go Virtual, came back with 98% similarity of plagiarism. This result defiantly exceeds the maximum amount allowed in regards to plagiarism. If I were the student, I couldn’t look my instructor in the eye or in this case respond to any correspondence with a clear honest and complete reason as to why I would have done something so deceitful as to copy some else’s work. We will write a custom essay sample on Detecting Plagiarism or any similar topic only for you Order Now My course of action toward the student would the following: I would like for you to understand that plagiarism reduces your self-confidence as a student. Clearly the paper that has been submitted was not your original work. Using some else’s work is not only fraudulent, but it promotes a lack of writing skills that is necessary in the workplace. Please review the universities guidelines on plagiarism. The guidelines are located: * Under the Library Tab * click Center of Writing Excellence located on the left hand side under * Writing Tools click Tutorials and Guides. * Under Plagiarism Tutorial click Plagiarism Guide. Keep in mind that I am here to assist you succeed in your journey. I encourage you to resubmit the assignment, within the four day time period from which it the assignment is due. At which time if you have not resubmitted the assignment in the time allotted, I will then assume that you have read the Plagiarism Guide and understand you will have failed the assignment and this course. There is also a possibility that you could be suspended from the university. I look forward to you resubmission of the assignment and if you have a questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at callingcb@email. phoenix. edu or call (509) 710-3537 anytime I will be happy to help. How to cite Detecting Plagiarism, Papers

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Why Customer Service Should Be Pro9Mpt and Professional free essay sample

Why customer service should be pro9mpt and professional? 1 – Explain, in approximately 200 words, the reasons why customer service should be prompt and professional. Include three effects on the customer if it is not and three effects on the support organisation if it is not. R: Customer service should be prompt and professional, to create relationship advertising focuses on getting customers and keeping them in the longer term using a combination of marketing, be capable of help to retain customers, on the way to prevent any anger and frustration as well safeguarding reputation. To satisfy customers, as satisfied customers, they will recommend you to others, resulting in an increase in new business, improve profitability, help to attract further new customer over time. Three effects of the customer of not being prompt and professional are; * They may get complain. * Client possibly will lose money. * They may misplace contacts. Three effects on the support organisation if it is not are; * With Customer experiences poor service, they are more likely to tell other people of bad experience, which is not a good advertisement for the business. We will write a custom essay sample on Why Customer Service Should Be Pro9Mpt and Professional? or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page They may deter others from even trying the company server out and so we will not get the chance to impress them. * The organization may possibly go down profitability. 2 – Describe three different ways of providing technical support, including at least one remote method (other than technical helpdesk). * Phone, you can take phone support further by offering a remote-desktop feature to help customers right on their computer. * Email, start with email support. Simply publish an email address, and answer queries as they come in. * Social media, Support via social media has become so important that many large companies are far more responsive on Twitter than via traditional means. * Ticketing system, Ticketing systems make the process of providing support easier when multiple staff members are involved, because you can see whether a request is being responded to and who is working on it. * Real-time chat. Users might trust the product more if they know they can speak to a real person.